And there is always a new emotion

This is the phrase which most clearly defines our reality. Nowhere does the heat of the sun, the sea breeze and the rare rainfalls influence each season’s flavours and aromas like they do here. For this reason the fruit is never the same in any one year, but will tell the tale of a specific year in the life of the Island.

That is why with every taste… there is a new emotion.


The courage of the vines of this arid but marvelous land. The silence of the woods moved by the wind.

U Jardinu is a typical Pantellerian construction built by the islanders in lava-stone to protect the citrus trees from the wind – even just one tree – and allow the fruit to retain each drop of dew from the night. In this bottle, we intend to capture the fragrances and aromas of the Zibibbo grapes selected from our vineyards.

Golden, crystal clear, magnificently aromatic in proposing reminiscences of yellow peaches and citrus fruits, this wine gratifies the taste buds with a fresh and zesty flavour and exhilarating nuances of volcanic minerals

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On this island ravaged by the wind, silence envelops you and the sky seems vaster at night.

Pantelleria is an island of contrasts, whose volcanic origins make a unique and profound impact on the flavours of this land. But it is the silence which is perhaps the most striking aspect. Fall under the spell of this wine and Pantelleria’s silence.

Straw coloured, golden with greenish hues, this drink brings intense aromas with hints of flowers and plants on a light citrus cedar background. Its perfectly balanced structure creates a marvellous taste, which leaves a pleasant floral after tone.

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The view beyond the vineyards where sea and sky converge. Incredible colours among endless silences.

In the ancient dammusi the alcove, from the Arabic al-qubba, was a low recess with an arched ceiling with sufficient space only for a bed and for this reason considered a love-nest. Alcove is a word of infinite grace discreetly denoting the use of architectural elements to separate and protect the intimacy of love. An intimacy which we discover in the taste and sensations of this sweet wine obtained from the Zibibbo grapes dried in the sunshine of Pantelleria.

It presents us with an intense dried fruit aroma. In the pleasant aromatic aftertaste balance is shared with the right dose of saltiness. Alcova is an excellent wine for reflection which we love to serve as an aperitif.

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Grappa di passito

The Vinacce from grapes dried in the sun. Tender surprises of aromatic nuances.

Discover the flavours and fragrances of the Passito di Pantelleria in an aromatic grappa obtained from the distillation of vinacce from the winemaking process.

It is said that grappa expresses a certain femininity through that warm, intense and sensual character which distinguishes it… It is for this reason that it is easy to abandon yourself to the warm embrace of this distilled spirit and be fascinated by its golden reflections.

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La nostra prima volta

Lanostraprimavolta is for us a little bit of magic, which allows us to savour once again, in the fragrance of this wine, all our passion and love for each single bunch of Zibibbo grapes grown on our Estate.

It dons a golden mantel. In elegant succession, notes of citrus juices, apricots, blossoming wisteria and Mediterranean shrubs parade past our noses with an echoing crescendo of saltwater and island minerals. The high aromatic quality gives brio to a structure balanced between a warm alcoholic embrace and a subtle dose of acidity with a pleasant salty-flowery aftertaste.

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And the newborns of Coste...

Ghirlanda Rosso

Beyond dark stones, the sea hides within the sky and amongst the leaves, whilst sun-drenched grapes rest waiting for the harvest.

Agriculture is a heroic endeavour on the island of Pantelleria, the Montagnole Estate must be recognized as its pinnacle. The Estate’s Grenache stem from the tenacity and perseverance of those of us who dared challenge nature.

Ruby red with a tendency to lighten with aging in the bottle towards elegant garnet tones. Scents of sweet and ripe fruit, marasca and morello cherry are combined with and complement refined hints of sweet Mediterranean spices. A wine with a strong and structured character, a thick and round tannin and a balanced acidity that lengthens its final persistence.

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Here I am; trust me to surprise you with my profound essence.

Everything about this wine is meant to amaze, from its colour to its intense aroma. Each sip expresses the tenacity of Grenache grapes grown on the Montagnole Estate. Abandon yourself without resistance to experience their enchantment.

Ruby red with a tendency to lighten with aging in the bottle towards elegant garnet tones. Sweet and intense fragrances, recall scents of wild rose and elegant aromas of small red berry fruits. With a full, broad taste and sweet and elegant tannin, each sip of this nectar entices the next.

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African sirocco, dolce far niente on the terrace, a summer breeze. Light thoughts carried far away.

In Pantelleria the wind blows constantly, often creating small whirlwinds locally called rifuliate. Indulge yourself in the emotions and scents of our Rosé wine and let your thoughts blow away with the wind.

The pale pink colour of the first months of life tends to veer, with aging in the bottle, and fades towards orange shades. During tasting it presents itself as fresh and delicate, floral from elderberry and anise flowers and slender in taste and with a good structure, whilst the never exuberant acidity accompanies and reinforces its sapid and mineral sensations.

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Our products

Prodotti - Coste Ghirlanda - Pantelleria

Our products

Daily toils, passionate gestures, unusual flavours.

Coste’s capers, marmalades and jams… year in year out we interpret the produce which the island grants us in order to discover new tastes and sensations… which we translate to the flavours of our patés, sauces, pesto… and other delicacies, spicy or mild, and conceal in small precious jars.

Coste Olive Oil

Mediterranean character. Centuries old olive tree asleep among the stones. The taste, slightly bitter and slightly peppery, of fruit grown close to the sea.

The Coste Olive Oil is special… emblematic of a wild terrain worked heroically, the fruit of ancient rituals, those painstaking efforts of hand-picking each single olive still hidden among the olive branches lying flat on the ground.

Originating from the Monocultivar Biancolilla olive variety, our oil has a very delicate flavour with intense aromas. The olives are pressed the same day they are harvested, in conformity with all the relevant regulations and quality standards for achieving a superior Extra Virgin olive oil.

Olio extravergine d'oliva - Coste Ghirlanda - Pantelleria